Beverly Amborski

Going into this exercise I was a bit nervous if I could pull it off. I started early so I could have a painting done for the first day and thought I could stay ahead of the game. Well, I was wrong, after a while, the painting fell to the way side and I scrambled to get a picture done. I am not working at the moment, so I don’t have a job to get in the way and I would think, “ Well what if this was your job and you had to create something every day?” Instead of cleaning the house, shopping for presents, baking goodies and so on. So I did miss a couple of paintings. It does disappoint me because I was so sure that I could pull this off. It wasn’t stated if our paintings were to be reflective of the advent season or not. When I started out, I did want to see if I could paint some meaning into the subject matter. The beginning of Advent, I thought sunrise. But what was I going to do? Paint 7 pictures of sunrises? But then again, Why not? There were very limited rules. After a while, I do feel it took me away from the meaning of Advent. I was concentrating more on creating art than maybe sitting and praying my rosary or going to a morning mass. Although I loved having a purpose to go into the studio and paint, I wasn’t thinking of the season that was at hand. It is a busy month and it definitely was a challenge. I am very glad that I participated in the exercise. I do think if it comes up again for 2019, that I would push myself to dig a little deeper and try to create more meaning of the week we were in for advent for the subject matter. I really gave up on that way too early. Did my skills improve? NO! I really don’t think so. Maybe small differences, but nothing, I don’t think, that is very noticeable. I was very pleased that I participated in the exercise and would be up for the challenge again if it came around. I truly enjoyed seeing the other paintings that were submitted and I am looking forward to the issue, if one comes about, that will showcase some of the art and artist statements. Beverly Amborski

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