Cassandra Levine

I make paintings, drawings, and monoprints voraciously- with the intent of creating a cyclical, personal language based on observation and stylization for the purpose of painting my history and creating a record of my life. I am very interested in using pattern and repetition through the use of imagery and color to build up "my language". I constantly like to play with the different parts that I'm creating, allowing the process of making and the aspect of play to guide me in creating new ideas for work.The never ending cycle of the work is exciting for me.Each of the motifs and shapes used in my paintings- begin first as drawings done in black and white ink, recording things that I see daily. The things that I choose to draw attract me through beauty, ugliness, historical significance, etc. Most recently the shapes are derived heavily from my body.The shape of my body is in a constant and rapid flux, as I navigate dealing with a yet unnamed illness.The self portraits depicting rapid change—provide narrative, along with shapes to add to “the language”. I use color symbolically and with intuitive improvisation. Symbolically, it signifies meaning within a historical and personal context.Through historical use, color creates an atmosphere. Through personal use,repetition of a color creates emotional content—spanning bridges between paintings. I make work in a state of constant awareness of life’s promised temporality. My work is autobiographical, with the belief that the personal is the most universal of languages. I’m making bridges to connect to others, not working in shadow. I want the work to be generous.The work is not just autobiographical of my life; it’s subject is life—life lived with the constant awareness of death.

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