Jenny Newlyn

I use acrylic paint to make marks then use those outcomes to create further works through collage and cut-outs. I do this in various ways, by hand with paper, scissors and scalpel, or through scanning to create images to manipulate in Photoshop. I like developing repeating patterns and exploring colour with a view to creating textiles. The original artwork used in this series was made with acrylic paint rolled onto a gelliplate for the background and the tree design from a print from the gelliplate, using a block made out of mount board. Both images were scanned to create JPEG files. Given the constraints of submitting something every day, I decided to use this image as a way of experimenting with the different colourways in Photoshop. The hue was changed on Photoshop by a factor of 30 each day, so the colour changed very subtly over time, eventually returning to the colour of the original image. Each image put side by side in this way, created my Day 24 image, a lovely collage / repeating pattern that clearly shows the subtle colour changes. I also use acrylics, mark making and collage to create larger one-off artworks, sometimes integrating fabric, thread, yarn and other textiles into these works. To sum up my practice is a synthesis of fine art and textile design.

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