Jessica Gehle

I initially jumped on board with this idea due to moving to London, working an intense full time hospital gig, travelling and never having a moment to paint. It was an incentive to encourage myself to not forget one of the joys that keeps me sane, grounded and at peace. This new art per day process allowed for a type of freedom I would not usually allow myself. I found myself using ink pens for outlines, quick sketches with light use of watercolour. I could delve into areas I usually wouldn't. Moreso, capturing the moment rather than an end result which essentially should be the highlight in the process. However, it also acted as a detriment to explore and finish an art piece to its full potential due to time constraints, which can be disappointing. I usually don't rely on outlines to emphasize the subject and do more than one layer. Through these 24 pieces of art, it demonstrates my current thought process in December 2018. Whilst I am very content, I am human. I still experienced near work burnout and had reflections of happier experiences. My art also delved into the evolving world, human relationships and explored the realities behind the usual facade. Going into 2019, Social Media is feeding the amount of unrealistic expectations, faker standards, transparent people trying to pull off they have perfect lives and becoming depressed. I hope as a collective we can be more honest with ourselves and the world around us. Enjoy.

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