Katarzyna Łyszkowska

Along with the progress of civilization, mystical Christmas is degraded and becomes a commercial caricature filled with thoughtless consumption. In my work I attempt to transfer all my attention to this procedure using fiscal receipts - a paper testimony of worldly existence. The systematicity and repetitiveness of folding origami modules, stretched my basic assumption, offering me much more space to reflect on the essence of creation in general. Is it supposed to lead to an outstanding work, contained in Horace's idea Exegi monumentum aere perennius closely related to possession, power and the enslavement they entail? Under this assumption, my work seems to be even more unjustified, irrational, even anti-aesthetic, and yet giving me some undefined power to fill the emptiness which had been waiting for a long time. What I did earnestly intend was to lock all the modules, build a showcase, a peculiar prison for the energy that accompanied me during the work. However, the mandala showed me the direction by drawing a punchline. In my perversely cutting off the root of attachment to what I meticulously created, in reproaching myself for precious lost time, in depriving myself of sleep, clashing with my inner meaning of pre-Christmas preparation, the ensuing insight took root. Amazingly liberating experience...

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