Rosita Larsson

This was a fun, challenging and inspiring task, creating a work of art a day for 24 days! I'm used to sometimes making paintings that takes months ,very detailed and if I start I have hard to stop . Now I had to simplify and not have the same perfection demands on myself...…...hey it's done in a day! ​Of course, since it is Christmas month, much inspiration came from that because I tried to include the challenge with the prep for the big weekends .... Christmas Shopping , Markets, Gifts, all the lights ... you all know it.​ So even the advertising that came in the mailbox inspired and then things on my mind.​ Because I also use photography as an artform, I could make a contribution with the camera to the challenge when there was no time to paint .... sometimes, drawing / painting in a couple of hours sometimes the whole day , Some creations of paper, scrap material / recycle, collage . I have a positive view for the most part, but I have melancholy as a companion too,rich in experience from an intense life, I'm inspired by the life that I love despite adversities, all the beauty that can be seen in almost everything! A rusty screw ,a shadow ,then we have the Beauty of flowers that I have a soft spot for.I'll see motives everywhere and always,my POV / point of view on things, angles, ceilings etc .... . Rosita Larsson Swedish autodidact Internationel artist born in 1956 mother of four, grandmother of five. Always created in some form, began exhibiting intermittently for over 35 years ago,mainly paintings in​ Due to chronic illness, it has sometimes stalled with exhibits. Rosita exhibited World wide ,for example USA,UK,EU,AUS

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