Vladimira Valkova

As a young artist, I am interested in creating works that need the attention of the audience and their passion for details. Looking past the obvious, feeling colors, imaging shapes and giving inspiration is my intention. During these 24 days Period, I took the opportunity to be inspired and to enjoy the freedom to experiment across practice and disciplines. I tried to integrate new materials and techniques every day and checked the "collaboration" possibilities between them. That is maybe why I am so passionate about the mixed media style! I do artworks, which I divide into different sectors and levels, using the language of colors to shape forms. Sometimes I wait for them to dry, sometimes I leave them wet, and on the top, I do sketches using different materials, which are bringing a motion in my works. Then unexpectedly I take a spray can in some contrast, or a similar color and bring more emotions and passion on the canvas. I can cut a piece out of an old work or a rest sprayed and painted paper, and stick it on the top of all and then paint on them again and all of a sudden there we go! A multi-layered and complex artwork. My workflow is hard depending on my emotions. There are works that need an hour or two to be perfected and some that need whole day preparations and waiting, and thinking... mostly looking for the right moment to conclude or the right feeling of satisfaction to make me stop and smile. I am looking daily for a base of inspiration, both in the digital and the physical reality. With this, I mean researches for other artists, other styles, different stories. I experience new performers, visit their shows and exhibitions, contact them to share an experience. My eyes have to see first before they start imaging themselves. I like working in different locations and situations as often as possible. In that case, I have my Sketchbook in a different position every time. I am actually still a student and believe me or not - an architectural and design student, so the position and the place as a room means a lot to me and when we talk about atmosphere and creativity flow makes a big difference. The light intensity is the one to make me chose the area, the noise around me is the one to make me concentrate.. everything surrounding me has to tell me as an artist: "Do your thing and stay curious!". Generally, when I go out there, I take just some of my art supplies with me and create with what I have. And of course, the selection depends on my emotions. I try to use them differently than the last time and look for the best way to use each material so that its best features can be demonstrated. In the last month, I did two short excursions abroad, so I experienced working on the road. It felt super well and brought confidence in every condition and situation. I find it totally inspiring and motivating. A different new aspect of color, contrast, shape, and abstraction are born in each of my artworks all with one intention: "Aesthetics". I am enjoying this way of work because it keeps me creative. I expect my audience to enjoy it as much as I do. Have fun and keep an eye on the details!

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