Craig Auge

Day One


For day one of this digital residency, I wanted to create a digital collage. My work usually references memory in a general way, through found materials and repetitive process, but I wanted to try a different approach for this piece. I layered original, photographic images that point toward a mysterious narrative, while allowing for a broader sense of familiarity. Abstract color cues and forms support the concept. The act of layering itself speaks to how my own memories are observed. In this work I am referencing specific, personal memories, while also considering the process or act of forgetting. I was pondering how memories can sometimes come flooding back, opening us up to an onslaught of emotions. Some memories are clear, yet distant. Other times we search for a memory that seems to have vanished, or is locked away, inaccessible; lights turning on and off in a hall of memories.

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Craig Auge