Jojin Van Winkle

Each morning I find you drifting in another place. You are close by and still distant. I breath in as you breath out.


You tell me later how you were conducting a magic show or floating in outer space without a helmet or racing your dirt bike in fields of by your childhood home.


But before I know where you have been, I like to imagine I've taken you to see the sunset at the forgotten lake along the backroads in Maine. It would be our escape to, not our escape from.


Reflections on this Isolation Residency: This last week I have documented my partner, as we navigate our lives together now. My art practice is grounded in documentary and fictional work. I've never publicly turned my lens on my home life.


Though this unique e-residency offered daily prompts, I decided after Day 1 to make a small body of work. The photographs are fictitious scenes, grounded in play and love, taken with a wide angle lens. The accompanying writings are also a mesh of the real and the imagined, grounded in my passion for screenwriting and stories.


Pre-COVID-19 we lived a few hours apart. This pandemic has brought us an unforeseen, precious amount of daily time together. No longer do we need to squeeze a week's worth of living into a few weekend hours.


His blue plaid shirt is featured somewhere in all the photos from Day 2 through 7. I wanted an element besides the main subject to be the same in all the photos in order to convey how repetition and variety unsettlingly coexist in this isolation period.


His shirt reminds of his eyes and Lake Michigan which I live next to and we can see from the back windows of my place. The shirt is warm, comfortable and faded from many washings. It is casual with some universal undertones. If I could go back I'd have him or his shirt be in the Day 1 image.

Though I am still able to work remotely and he is in between things right now, we like so many people we know, are living in a paradox: slower, meaningful moments exist along side anxious, uncertain futures.


I am grateful. I remain hopeful. I desire resiliency for everyone and our planet.

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