Issue Thirteen
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Brian Woodhouse

Aurora, ON, Canada

Brian Woodhouse

Aurora, On.

(b. 1989/Canada)


I am a wildlife artist based in Aurora, Ontario in Canada (about 20 mins north of Toronto). I have been drawing my whole life but it has only been within the last couple years that I have really started to look at art as something I want to take more seriously. I work in a variety of mediums including graphite pencil, coloured pencil, water colour and acrylic paint. This helps me grow so I can diversify my abilities as well as the artwork that I create.


I have recently decided to pursue a career in art because I believe that it's my best chance to do something meaningful in my life. I have been growing consistently more concerned about the changes in our environment and the impacts that those changes are having on nature, animals and the people around the world.  Down the road, I hope to travel the world, creating art, bringing awareness to the animals and giving back to the communities that I love to draw and paint.


Brian Woodhouse



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