Issue Thirteen
Artist Profile 

Lara Crespo

Madrid, España

My name is Lara Crespo. I am a photographer, audiovisual artist and content generator in RRSS. Currently my artistic work revolves around the impact of plastics on the environment. Pastel colors are continuously present in my journey which has been built over the years during and after the Official Degree that I did at the TAI University of Madrid.


In the case of Flor de Placebo, she left the environmental issue aside and opted for a more personal and intimate perspective. The quarantine was crucial for the construction of the photographic series that together with Manuel Delgado and his poems has been possible. The project is made up of diptychs that unite two disciplines in order to present the different states we go through during confinement, and as inside we look for any distraction to find a placebo where we feel safe.

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