Issue Thirteen
Artist Profile 

Michael Putorti

Grove City, Pennsylvania

My name is Michael Putorti. I graduated from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. During my undergraduate career, my concentration was in printmaking, specifically linocuts. There are two reasons why I create art. The first is to simply try something new. Whether that be a new technique for drawing or a new medium of some kind, I like to gain a little experience with something I have never tried and experiment with it for a short amount of time to see if a particular method works well for me and if it is something I would like to pursue further. The second reason is because I enjoy the expressive quality that lies within art. Through art I am allowed to speak my mind in a way that does not always require words. I can share my thoughts and feelings about certain topics, usually social and/or political issues. This may inspire others to voice their own opinions on the subject, whether they agree with my position or not. I want my art to encourage the viewers to think critically about something and draw their own conclusions. Art is something I know I cannot live without. To me, it is both an experimental and an expressive process. It allows me to have a voice. One that speaks in the most creative and interesting ways possible. And most importantly, it is a way to connect with others and inspire them to use their own voices.

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