Issue Thirteen
Artist Profile 

Zoe Ella

Arizona, USA

I have been creating art for several years but only recently, after having several people inquire about pieces that I'd created did I decide to open a store for them to do so.  It's hard to pinpoint who or what influences my art. Whether it is Georgia O'Keeffe, Frida Kahlo or more recently Marina Abramović, all of them speak to my emotions which is at the heart of my art form.

Someone once asked me, "where do you get your ideas"?  My answer was simple - grab whatever paint you want and throw it on the canvas.  Feel it out! Use your fingers! Create what you feel and pick the colors with your emotions.  That is my way of creating art.

Some people will paint what they see.  Others paint what they feel. In every piece, I'm delivering something I hope will connect with you on an emotional level.  Every painting, digital image or photo is inspired by some emotion that I'm feeling at the time.


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