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Ecko is an up and coming magazine dedicated to promoting current and emerging artists, creating a platform to share and discuss current art practice.

we aim to keep you up to date with the latest exhibitions, emerging artists, and things to see! Following a critical and immersive approach to contemporary art practice.

In the first edition of Ecko Magazine we are running three competitions, exploring different areas of art practice, 'Art for Advent', 'Artist Space' and 'Beer Mats'. Please see our submissions page for more.

The Art for Advent project, invites artists to submit daily artwork over the course of advent (1st - 24th Dec). Further to this artists will submit a statement on their practice by the 1st of January. All artists who have entered Art for Advent will be featured in the launch of Ecko Magazine at the end of January.

Artist space is asking artists to submit a selection of images relating to their work space or studio. This is an opportunity for creatives to reflect on the importance and relevance of the space in which work is produced. Five artists will be selected and published in Ecko Magazine, from which a First, Second and Third place prize will be awarded.

The Beer Mats competition welcomes creatives from all ages and disciplines to appropriate and transform a beer mat or coaster, using the mat as a 'blank' canvas to create an artwork. We believe the limitations and size of the mat give a unique space to explore and focus on the details of the piece.

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