Check out some of the work for our vegetation submission.

The variety of work for the Vegetation project is very exciting, body art performance, digital collage and painting. The focus of this project was to incorporate in some way habitat, environment and natural material into the concerns of the artists practice. This was received well and facilitated an interesting response from the artists involved.

Inga Tilda uses the clay to capture the combination of material and body, immersing with the material in a way that seems very organic, and somewhat natural, no different from an animal rolling in a pit of mud. Amanda Watt’s work creates an expressive scene of environmental excellence, in some ways the patterns and various textures form an idyllic, utopian surrounding. She takes on the integrity of painting by perceptive of cubism, creating a bridge of expression in a primitive nature. The work has an element of fantasy, exploring the world in a surreal but joyful way.

Sheera Jacobs work is a fusion of imagery, a man and woman combined, in an urban summer setting, her work captures and removes identity.

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