Rebecca Young interview Murze Issue Two

Tell us about yourself and why do you do what you do?

From studies in theatrical stage and set design my practice continues to have a sense of

narrative, presence and landscape. Works in collage derive from the unplanned nature of being a passer-by and I am interested in the triggers which allow us to associate one visual with another when forming individual interpretation.

What inspired you to enter our everyday detritus project?

My work is based on chance encounters with imagery and object, therefore I choose not to be too precious about the material I work with. I naturally integrated the project into my everyday, allowing myself to play pedestrian and meanwhile collect and recycle imagery to work with.

Do you have a specific criteria when looking for objects or waste to photograph?

I hope to find visuals which look accidental yet build a witty and fragile relationship with their neighbour. A strong textural background sets the scene, whilst the subject in the

foregroundbecomes narrator.

What art do you most identify with?

Aesthetically pleasing juxtapositions, even if it’s a signature colour which can trigger association and therefore narrative.

What themes do you persue in your work?

When I obtain a visual, I work till I exhaust the original perspective by building layers,

dissecting, reflecting and the extracting the positive and negative space. By creating works in series, audiences are taken on visually complex detours to trace imagery back to its original state.

Are there any other projects or exhibitions that you’re currently taking part in?

My first solo exhibition is currently on view at the The Peckham Pelican (SE15) till July 2nd.

The bodies of work include grid like formations of layered analogue and digital collages,

photographs from personal travels, new works in text built from a stream of consciousness and never before seen kaleidoscopic configurations on satin.

To seee more of Rebecca’s work head to her website

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