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Andrew Frausto

My paintings begin as casual explorations of “self-imposed problems” and erratic judgements. With the more recent work, I have began by painting large rolls of paper. I generally apply different painted applications using spray paint, brushes, rollers, staining, or drippings etc. The large rolls of paper are also used as “drop-clothes” to catch or collect painted marks from other paintings that are being worked on, which become recorded visual cues from the studio. By doing this, I anticipate creating visual content which in turn will be used to create future paintings. Through careful considerations, moments begin to arise in the large rolls of painted paper that are then framed and cut out. Through a deployment of layered visual effects - shapes, colors, textures, ect - the paintings slowly begin to “shape-up”. In their final arrangements, my paintings are a collection of chance based interventions and intuition.

Check out more of Andrew's work throughout the process below.

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