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Elise Vincent

I am a french digital photographer born in 1990. I take pictures that I transform thanks to a digital retouching software. Beyond esthetics, I am interested in the storytellings that can emerge from my pictures. My creative universe deals with oneirism and invite the spectator to wander in the depths of his imagination. I’ve been working mainly on squared pictures for two years. It gives me an impression of a finish.

Check out more of Elise's work throughout the process below.

On this first day, I went to a park for a shoot. I like looking for inspiration and what I call material to my creations to come in that kind of place. And I have to say it can be hard to find huge wildernesses near Paris… So green spaces, that’s something. I took approximately 200 pictures that I can rework. I didn’t really know what to expect and I don’t know yet if there will be a central theme among my creations during these 10 days. Anyway, I am sure I’ll find some interesting elements. The images Day one before and Day one after highlight the way I use to transform my basic photographies into artistic digital creations. Guy in the shadows, Hippopotamus, Through the window are the pictures that emerged.

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