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Joanna Collins

Approaching a communal skip, I collect the object that can be immediately disposed of. Collections become physical archives, these later become re-usable objects. There is no permanence of the object, the habitat is forever interchangeable. Displaying a collection of found objects, the size of which is continuously expanding to create a sense of claustrophobia, I am replicating the commonplace object using found materials, this furthers the sentimental value of the object itself. The physical archive of the re-useable object is installed, this then creates an environment that’s waiting to be experienced. Outside of this environment, the object exists independently from the habitat. Manipulating the space creates a scenario that considers traditional mediums such as drawing and lithography. These traditional mediums are combined with more contemporary approaches such as photoshop. Uniting both mediums gives my practices a contextual starting point but also works simultaneously in relation to finding mediums. Working with found material inevitably creates new skills and an understanding of the material, this is vital to my practice as the materialistic consistency depends entirely on what is found. The liminal space that's created is a continuous source of reflection to my practice, daily existence is a key element intertwined within my work alongside the connections and alignments that are presented or experienced within my practice.

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