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Rhonda Barrett

Some days do not involve actual collage. Some days I rummage through a myriad of papers in the search for an element to add depth to my piece.

As the current piece I am working on involves a parking lot, at McDonald's no less, one would assume that the lot would not be empty. It never is here in urban Halifax. So, for an entire day of work I combed newspapers to find the perfect vehicle that would sit in the background of my latest collage.

Like a swimmer who takes a deep breath before diving, a day of simply finding and searching feels like my artistic journey's deep breath. Tomorrow I will be diving deep into the details of the building, signage, and finally, the gulls which are the focus of this piece. It is important for me to place the canvas on an easel in my living/work space so that on this 'breathing day' I can see it periodically without obsessing over it.

I am sure there will be much obsession in the next few days as this piece will be part of my 'Park' series to be shown in April at Art 1274 Hollis here in Halifax. I cannot afford to take too many deep breaths on this piece.

Four other works also need space and time to develop over the next 4 weeks! Deadlines are strange beasts; both the catalyst for completion and the destroyer of ultimate creativity.

Check out more of Rhonda's work throughout the process below.

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