Joseph O'Neill | Issue Nine Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your work

I am a New York City based artist, having been born and raised there. I studied culinary arts and was a practicing chef for 15 years. I have no formal education in the arts. I have been a practicing photographer since 2005 and only began showing my work in 2012

What do you think draws artists towards a more minimalist approach?

The simplicity of line and form.

Tell us about the themes you pursue in your work

I have pursued almost every genre of photography having settled upon abstract photography as my go too.

What art do you most identify with?

I am a big fan of Dadaism. The idea that anything can be art, if an artist wants to call a urinal art then whom am I to disagree. In the photography world the works of Man Ray speaks to me the most, especially his photograms and his surreal photography.

Is there something you couldn't live without in your studio? what is your most essential tool?

Of course my cameras; digital and 35mm, music, Lightrooms photo editing software and my laptop.

What sense of feeling do you want your artworks to convey?

I want to allow the viewer to decide what the story is, not to impose a narrative upon them.

What do you feel the role of artists and photographers is in society?

Artist are the pushers of boundaries, a barometer of social and political issues, a reflection of us as a society.

Are there any upcoming exhibitions or projects in the works?

I just had my third solo exhibitions in New York City and have two others coming up, both group exhibitions, one in NYC and the other in South Korea.

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