MC2.8 Collective | Issue Nine Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your work

Our photography is fine art photography; photographic genre that straddles art and narrative photography. Our intent is to tell stories that can be understood by everyone and that can empathize the viewer. We like to use different means of expression to make the concept we want to represent stronger. Analog photography that is linked to the digital one; prints that are reprocessed and then re-photographed; physical extraction, of the subjects from the photos. Tears, cutouts, cancellations, minimalism, color and clean image are our distinctive features. As reference points for our work we have: Luigi Ghirri, Banksy, Sarah Moon, Julia Krahn but also Italian literature and history, modern and contemporary art.

What potential do you feel artists have to help bring about change?

We think that the potential of any artist is to create works of art that reach the public more immediately than other channels.

Tell us about the themes you pursue in your work

They are the simple subjects, of common use, that inspire us. The people, the inanimate objects that we reread in an ironic way or strive for a more serious motivation, a widespread problem. The aesthetic impact is as fundamental for us as the meaning we want to convey to those who observe our work.

What art do you most identify with?

Fine art photography, literature, art, painting and writing

Is there something you couldn't live without in your studio? what is your most essential tool?

Our most essential tool is creativity, conceptual thinking and the study of our subjects.

What place do you think artists have in the political sphere?

We believe that artists in Italy still have little room within the political sphere. We hope that as time goes on, artistic works can also speak to the political world.

What do you feel the role of artists and photographers is in society?

According to us the role of photographers and artists in society is to tell social issues through art and inform the public on less known topics.

Are there any upcoming exhibitions or projects in the works?

We are trying to make as much as possible known our latest photographic research and hope to realize some exhibitions in the next year.

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