Ten Days of Art   |  Online Artist Residency  1st-10th March


Murze is delighted to be hosting 14 talented artists across our platform, these artists have taken part in our Ten day Artist residency. Check out work from participating artists bellow.

Ten Days of Art   |  Meet the Artists

Shaun is a freelance artist and illustrator with a passion for

pop-culture and black ink. 

Shaun Cochran

Andrew's paintings begin as casual explorations of “self-imposed problems” and erratic judgements. 

Andrew Frausto

Since 2005 Iliana have been observing, recording and photographing the cracks in Athenian pavements. 

Iliana Theodoropoulou

Between mediums, a dialogue occurs as the audience shifts between real and the digital-a mimic of the dream world.

Natalie Richard

Tina's practice at present is concerned with human relationships, identity, memory and death.

Tina Lane

Laura is a film photographer and collage artist with a keen interest in installation pieces.

Laura Keeling

"I tend to get lost in my studio finding solace away from the over stimulation of the outside world".

Cheryl Votzmeyer

Jen attempt to fabricate a diverse visual landscape with recycled images found in old magazines and books.

Jen Hours

Rhonda is a paper artist reusing her daily newspaper to create a lasting piece of artwork.

Rhonda Barrett

Xiaobi works at the intersection between digital and physical. Interested in encouraging people to express their feelings and connect with each other.

Xiaobi Pan

Jessie's work focuses on the relationship between built environments and performed public identities.

Jessie Martin

Elise's creative practice deals with oneirism and invite the spectator to wander in the depths of imagination.

Elise Vincent

"Approaching a communal skip, I collect the object that can be immediately disposed of". 

Joanna Collins

Tara is a graphic designer, architect and painter, making a set of paintings based a personal sense of spritual connection.

Tara Taheri

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