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Jessie Martin

My work focuses on the relationship between built environments and performed public identities, and the ways these things can be explored, researched and recorded through photographic street based practices. My practice involves responding to the spaces I'm working in, trying to understand how urban spaces work and how people inhabit them through the process of photographing and observing, and inhabiting the city myself. Through my practice I aim to dissect the city, using photography and text to focus on the constituent parts that form our everyday lives, from processes of everyday movement to surveillance and the management and ownership structures of public space. I want to understand how we live amongst each other to form public bodies, and how the process of photography can be used to actively investigate that.

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The solitary figure occurs in shoots crossing timelines and places, a pause between groups and buildings.

As a street-based photographer documentation of your practice usually lies in the images surrounding the ones you select; in those images your prolonged engagement with space is revealed. The approach I’ve taken is to explore the process through which I create bodies of work, filtering out images as fitting inside of or outside of particular themes. How can photographers work with their archives and create new images responding to its contents?

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